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Thread: Help!!!!!! Compressing files??

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    Default Help!!!!!! Compressing files??

    After transferring videos onto the laptop using VideoStudio SE they become .vsp files. I then have to play the video through again in order to reduce the file size and convert to an mpeg file in order for it to fit on a dvd.

    Does anyone know a less time consuming method to compress .vsp files?????
    Its driving me mad!! Please help!

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    .vsp files are not video files. They are Video Studio Project files.

    If you simply want to convert already transferred files then use the Batch Converter to just convert the files.

    Having said that it would also help if we knew where the files came from, what foramt they are in now, what you want to do with them (if anything at all) before you put them on to a DVD.

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    Im transferring all my old video tapes onto dvd. This is taking up to 15 hours to do. They first get produced in VideoStudio as .vsp files then I edit them, then have to replay the movie in order to convert it to an avi/mpeg file and then have to burn it to dvd.

    Is this the normal way of doing this or is there an easier way????

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    Ok I understand.

    Please re-read the first line of my post. It really helps in dealing with video files and software to understand the process of what is happening so you can step in and take control.

    What device or how are you transferring the VHS tapes to your computer?

    You see when the video tapes are playing back, VideoStudio is capturing that data and converting it to a digital format. THAT will be the types of video file you have it is NOT a .vsp.

    The way you are doing it will result in an MPEG2 file or an AVI foile or some kind of video file. That's what we need to find out.

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    Sorry but im just new to all this.

    When the videos are initially transferred from video they become mpeg files which is fine. I can edit these in windows movie maker no problem and transfer them onto disk because they are imported as mpeg and the finished product after i edit them remains mpeg. However when i bring them into Video Studio to be edited the final project becomes .vsp Iv tried using the batch converter but this does not recognise vsp conversion to mpeg. Just recognises say avi to mpeg.

    I need the final project to become an mpeg file anfter i have edited it.

    Im sure there is probably an obvious answer to this but i just cant figure it out!!

    Thanks for your patience

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    The basic problem I think you are having is that you are going to "File" then selecting "Save" and expecting a video file to be created.

    All you will get is a vsp file which as I have said before is a project file not a video file.

    You need to do your editing until you are happey then go to "Share" and select "Create Disc." This will create a new video file of your project.

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    I have finally 'seen the light' !!!!!

    Sorry but as i said ive only just got the VideoStudio software and am trying to figure it out which im finding a bit tricky.

    Thanks so much for your help really appreciate it

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