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Thread: GH1, Times Square at night

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    Bloody Hell Kobal. You've done it again. Really nice pictures, nicely edited together a pleasure to watch.


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    Wow excellent as per usual. Great visuals and camera angles. Very enjoyable to watch and a great looking looking talent aswell, all the necessary ingredients. I can't believe all those taxi drivers went past and didn't stop to pick her up.

    The only two things I would change are, start the opening title on the second scene, it comes on too quickly and goes off too quickly aswell almost like you want to get it over and done with. A quick cutting montage of exteriors of the landmarks in that particular area could have been used instead of the talent where she is onscreen for a considerable amount of time.

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    Wow, that was lovely to look at a visual feast. some really interesting shots used.

    I dare not say a word against it ...
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    I have yet to see this film thats getting the rave reviews. My bloody connection is not fast enough. I look forward to being able to comment when I can

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    Looks great, I just got a GH1 about a month ago, been using the kit lens so far. What wide angle lens are you using? I am looking forward to the panasonic pancake lens coming out this month, got a great review on DPreview

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