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    hello everyone,

    just signed up here. i make short videos which are posted onto youtube.

    harrysfunzone is classic british humour with an exotic singaporean flavour according to the fans.

    feel free to tell me what you think of my latest video...

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    I wont comment until you comply with the rules

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    2) Only post one video per thread. Posts with more than one video will be edited to display the first posted video only.
    It's a great big sticky post at the top of the page... it says "the rules' and everything.

    How hard can it be?

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    okay thanks guys. you must be sick to death of people who don't follow the rules...

    anyway, what do you think of the video?

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    Welcome to the forums, you will notice there are some forum police here, I was belted around the ears years ago as well, in time you will have your chance.

    What's you ambitions with this video.?

    Is it sending out a short message about getting outdoors rather than sitting around at home..!

    If it is I believe it needs to be 30 seconds long (60 max), just like a TVC, even this duration will suffer a tube audience, and my tip of the day is do not title short video clips on the tube.

    Then again what would I know, never ever understood how the tube audience works apart from the attention span is extremely limited.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    You've got it in one. It's supposed to show the viewers how to get your children out of the house, in a entertaining way.

    Good point, the video should have been shorter. I got wrapped up in the comedic side, you see.

    Would anyone else like to comment on this video? I would really appreciate some more constructive criticism...

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    Hi HFZB,
    As I'm sure you realise by now, the rules aren't these so some of us can through our virtual weight about, but to make it easier for all. If we allow more than one film per thread the comments all become muddled. Please stick any other films you want comments on in other threads. As many as you like!

    Anyway,to your film:
    It didn't actually occur to me that it was really trying to get a message across, more that it was simply trying to spoof such films.
    Nevertheless the idea was good enough, amusing and (perhaps more importantly) workable with limited resources.

    Rollins is absolutely right about length. You could film exactly the same film, incorporating all the ideas you used in about 30 secs. This would not only enhance the message but would actually IMPROVE the comedy.

    Specifics: The teens on the couch were brilliantly composed. I could relate to this having had four teens in my life so far. Unfortunately the shot wasn't nearly as well composed. There was lots of wasted screen area to the left in particular. You could have enhanced this shot by using a (closer) wide angle and one or two close-ups.

    The voice is eactly the sort of voice I would have used and thought was funny when I was 14, so you are excused from using it. I suspect by the time you're 16 you'll no longer find that sort of voice amusing (at least I hope so)

    One of the key things for making any form of spoof or satire is to PLAY IT STRAIGHT. This means acting, sound, camerawork. EVERYTHING. In fact the more absurd the content, the more important it is to treat everything else as if it is a straight documentary. Look at the work of clay_9 for examples on this forum (I think you'll enjoy his humour)

    I'm glad to note that with the exception of the voice, you seem to have done this.

    I liked the fact that you didn't simply repeat in the v/o the words on the screen.

    I'd also suggest that you put a background beneath the words (called a "lower third") as, typically, instructional or informational films use this technique to make the text very clear.

    I think I'd have liked to have seen more steady (tripod) shots. The handheld works well for the kids in the park, and the shakey footage of the kids running away works very well indeed, but I think the shots of the clothes on the bed should be steady. As far as I'm concerned the jury;s out on whether the shot of the halloween mask should be handheld - if it were fixed I guess the bumping into the camera (very funny) wouldn't have worked.

    As far as donning the clothes and mask goes, you should either not have shown them again (just let the v/o explain), or you should have gone to the trouble of filming them in the park (or location to look like the park). Showing shots of them from back in the house was a definite no, no in my book. It just wasn't appropriate in what was basically a chronological story to send us back in time which is what the shots of the house interior did.

    (An obvious twist at the end might be to have some angry parents shouting out and chasing the cameraman/masked figure)

    All in all a very reasonable effort. Well done.
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    Well you certainly got good value from Tim's review of your film. Its made me really want to watch it now. I will comment as soon as I can get to see it.

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    in response to tim stannard, thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback. i really appreciate it.

    well, you're right. the topic didn't need to shine through. i wanted to focus on the more entertaining side of the short video. you're right 'it was simply trying to spoof such films'.

    thanks, i work with what i have.

    good points about the length. the people of youtube, really do have a limited attention span.

    it's great you thought highly of the starting scene. i wanted to have a powerful opening. you're right, i should have enhanced it by "using a (closer) wide angle and one or two close-ups." i agree, there was a lot of wasted space.

    the voice was supposed to give the viewer the impression of a lazy father, maybe someone who lives of benefits from the uk government. it wasn't really supposed to be that funny..

    i will check out clay_9 he sounds good..

    yeah, my tripod has broken so i had to make do with my hands. given the sheer amount of pressure i was given by my peers to release it, i couldn't wait for the replacement. you're right though, it has really annoyed me.

    yeah, like i said - i had a limited time to film and edit it. if i had more time like you said, i would have definitely filmed more in the park. would loved to have had angry parents, i really thought hard about that. i'm not too sure that anyone would have wanted to participate.

    anyway, i'm really pleased you enjoyed it. feel free to subscribe. thanks for your detailed response.

    would really love some more feedback. anyone?

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence Tim (I don't pay him to do that, honestly!)

    And thanks again Harry for the positive comments to my youtube vids.

    With regards to this video it certainly made me laugh, I love the cynicism of chasing after your kids in a halloween mask trying to scare the crap out of them. It's my kind of humour.

    The two main points that didnt work for me have already been mentioned, the overall length. Could definitely have done the same thing in a lot less time (less is more!). Also the second shots of the clothes and the mask when the scenes had shifted to the outside seemed a little jarring. Leaving them out, or a shot of the mask on someone in the bushes would have been better.

    How old are you may I ask? You look quite young, I see a lot of potentional in your videos I have to say, so keep it up and you'll go far.

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