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    I'm looking for some help choosing a new Dvd Rewriter as mines just died on me 12mths after i bought it. I bought it from Maplins (DVDRW IDE/004) and have had nought but trouble from the day i bought it (Hence me wanting advice on a new one with a good name off the users lol).

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    You won't go far wrong with any of the big name brands, e.g. Sony, NEC. Toshiba, Pioneer, etc. I have a Sony. Never had any trouble with it.

    A couple on the forums have recently purchased (or were at least looking to purchase) the Dual Layer burners. The rest of us are waiting with bated breath to see what they make of them.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Hi Lioyd,
    Thanks for the reply, The one that died on me was dual but I never got to use it as it was bad enough to use on single? Since I posted this cry for help I've been looking @ Samsungs dual 16x12 TS-H552 which I can get under 50 quid but then again I've noticed a few different kinds around @ the same kinda price?

    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year


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