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Thread: Audio Issue in Sony Vegas Pro 8

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    Default Audio Issue in Sony Vegas Pro 8

    I have Kodak Zi6 that saves files into .mov format.

    I tried putting these into Sony Vegas (pro 8 ). On the timeline I got Video but where audio was I got a flat bar indicating no audio. When I clicked on the file in Explorer vegas would display the Video details and the Audio details, just wouldn't play any audio at all.

    I thought this was a codec issue, the audio format is AAC, I downloaded and installed some codecs but no luck. About 3 hours later...

    When I load the same file into Vegas now I get the audio error "Audio: Stream Attributes could not be determined".

    So I have gone from having Audio with no sound, to now unrecognised audio...

    Any ideas what I can do? I figure I can either install a codec or convert the video into a format Vegas will use.

    Can anyone recommend a good codec to install. If I have to convert it can anyone recommend a good conversion program. I have just downloaded a few but the quality is always reduced (video is 720P).

    Is there a video conversion program that will make an exact replica of the video/sound quality just in a different file format please?

    Hope you can help. The audio format showing up in Quicktime is AAC and the Video is H.264

    I have downloaded a trial of Vegas Pro 9.0 and still get the same error, so am looking for a good codec or excellent video conversion tool. Thank-you. I have tried googling but everyone seems to have this problem without an answer.

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    After mre digging around I have semi-solved my problem but still need help.

    I found that Quicktime Pro will easily and quickly save the files as MP4 files in the same resolution/quality (however they will be a little darker, this is annoying).

    It seem alot of people have issue with cheap HD cameras (and the Zi6). I found this tutorial.

    However renaming the file doesn't work for me, even though it should, this leads me to think I am missing a codec for AAC audio???

    I emailed the video maker a file I shot on my Zi6, seeing if he can rename it and et it working in his Vegas (like in his tutorial) Maybe then I will know if it is a codec issue.

    Any help much appreciated please

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