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    Here is a montarge piece I did a while back. Hope you enjoy it.

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    Ok I managed to download despite my poxy connection.

    It was good because I saw the title and had a lot of time to ponder what it was going to be before I could play it.

    I managed to predict the song. You do realise its about a knife wielding maniac dont you.... no only kidding its a beautiful song and well suited to the subject matter. I thought from the first image it was going to be a series of international images from holidays perhaps.

    I enjoyed watching it and had no urge to bail at any time. I think it could be improved still further if it had a wider selection of clips and we also had some tighter shots of the children. A couple of the clips appear to have been re-used later in the sequence (the little girl when she turns to her left, and the clouds?).

    My wife watched it as well and said it was just a little cheesy? I felt that too a bit but then again I would completely disregard that as I assume this is a family piece. Cheesy is therefore irrelevant as its whether the film conjours emotion within the viewer that matters. I would imagine it does that in bucket loads for you.

    For me the circular effect applied to the Buddah knocks it back a step as I dont know the reason for it.

    The footage is nice and steady suggesting its on a tripod. Was there an opportunity to get different angles on the shots where the little girl is sitting? Being able to cut to another angle would have been nice.

    What is your thinking about the 'thank you' at the end? Are you thanking the viewer for watching, God for creating the world or something else?

    I enjoyed it and thank you for the opportunity to offer feedback from my perspective.

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    You are so right about all the points you made. I did get the Joke about the music after my post on your video. lol

    Cheesy, it is in bucket loads but as you say in this type of piece, is irrelevant. If I can make grandma cry, I know I've hit the right "tone".

    I do take your point about other angles this would have made the piece more professional looking. BUT if you have ever filmed children you will understand you get what they want to do NOT what you want them to do. Well thats true with my daughter anyway. lol

    I should have explained these clips where taken over a number of years, so it is the same child, some of the shots where taken only days after my very first handling of a video camera.

    I like the circular ripple effect on the Buddha is the only reason why it's there. The "Thank you" at the end is for the viewer to interpret anyway they feel.

    Thanks for responding and for being kind about my first offering.

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    That was quite nice, many years ago I worked for a fireworks company where I live and this song was a favorite, a great song for firework displays.

    I assume it's a family sort of video so I won't land on you too much but watch out for using similar or repeated clips, considering the song is actually very short in duration it is not that difficult to pull a different shot for the various sections of the song.

    Nice to see a thank you at the end, that's not often seen on the tube.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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