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    Hi guys,

    Its a questions thats been asked a few times therefore I apologise for asking it again, but I must.

    I am looking to get an external hard drive for a project. ( theres just not enought space on the computer) Ideally I am looking for a TB- quite a few hours of footage to go through.

    Just wondered if any one had any advice on whats the best things to look for in an external hard drive in relation to video editing?

    P.S Smifis, what is NTFS? Cheers for the responses all
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    For storage or capture?

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    I could capture onto my usb 2.0 hard drive when i ran out of space but you need to make sure that your hard drive is formatted in ntfs otherwise you will have a 4gb file size limit.

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    When I was still capturing from tape I would capture via the firewire direct to a 1TB Western Digital USB drive with no issues or dropped frames. I still use them but just copy card contents from the SDHC card to the drive nowdays!!

    The only thing to watch out for with external drives is that the power supplies are pathetic!! My computer dealer has a box of failed power supplies!!

    What I do is have mains power up on the desk with a 4 way plug point with switches. I leave my drives connected to USB and the power supply plugged in BUT switched off. Just turn them on when you use them and off when you finish and the supplies work well. Don't leave the power supply plugged in and running 24/7 otherwise it will fail prematurely!!


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    Hi Guys,

    As ever I am most grateful for the response. The help is always appreciated.

    The external Hard drive would be for capture. I've filled the computer and have 24 hours of footage to upload and go through. inefficient I Know.

    Do I need firewire and 7200rpm for best results ideally?

    On a partially related topic - One of my storage issue reasons is that when I downconvert hd to sd using Virtual dub, I get hefty avi file sizes. i.e 1 min to 2gb. Is that the norm? I dont intend to down convert all 24 hours by any means. I am picking throught the footage on the weekends.

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