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    Hi I'm new to Video Editing and I'm having this most annoying thing with the Premiere Pro 8 Software. When I capture the Video from the camera, it displays segmented (like a Jigsaw puzzle). I also have the MGI Video Wave 4 Software that captures the same video perfectly clear but if I import the same video into Adobe Premiere Pro it's the same story - segmented, jigsaw puzzle pictures).
    I cannot use the MGI software to the video simply because there aren't enough tutorials out there so I prefer to use the Adobe Premiere Pro, I suspect some of my settings are all over the place in the Adobe Premiere Pro can anyone help?
    I use Panasonic NV-DX100 3CCD Digital Video Camera, I doubt it's the camera!

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    Hi ! Maby its a problem of wrong project. See if your camera is pal sistem or ntsc. If you setup a wrong type of project then this can be a reason.

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    Default File size 125 kb

    I don' think so, the problem is, that everytime I capture the video, it only shows 125 kb in size. When I try to play it in WM Player it says "The specified module could not be found". I am using a prety good camera NV-DX100 (Not pro but pruduces excellent videos in 'MGI 4' video software). The pain is when tried to capture using PP it does not capture. But, I can play and edit the clips captured with the 'MGI 4' software.

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    Question is : MGI 4 capture format is Microsoft DV AVI ? - if so .. then you can capture video with this software and then import and work in Premiere.
    This can be a temporar solution, i know that it does not solve the problem.
    Once i had the same problem with another software : Sony Vegas ... an older version ..could not capture with it but i used it for editing.
    Another question is : in capture window from Premiere .. can you control the camera (play, stop, rew, frw)? and also you can see ok the video in that capture window ?
    If you can control the camera and also if you see the video ok in the capture window then can be a software problem and you will have to try to reinstall Windows and Premiere again.
    If a reinstall solve your problem try not to install again many editing software in the same time.
    Install a clean Windows and after that install just Premiere (dont install MGI or other video editing software), and try to see if capture works that way.

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    Thanks for replying, I have no problems with control panel, once the video is in I can do all that (frw, rev, stop, start etc.). I can also use the story board, crop, ad audio, effects etc. The most annoying is that I can't capture. I'm thinking of installing the Premiere Pro on another computer, may be it's the OS as you mentioned. I'm using a Win Srv 2003, will try installing XP.
    Thanks again for your comments!

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