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Thread: "Boxmobiles" and "The Forest"

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    Default "Boxmobiles" and "The Forest"

    Hi all,

    New to this community - found it through a link on another site. I'll be asking for advice in the future as I just get up to speed with my friends in making short films and videos.

    I have two of note that I'd like to show you. The first of which, which was completed around August time, is Boxmobiles. It's a comedy short which was concieved, written, and edited within the space of about a week. It was our first attempt at chroma-keying, making our own sound effects and using particle systems and stock footage to add to the effect we wanted to create.

    Boxmobiles High Quality - 18 MB
    Boxmobiles Low Quality - 9 MB

    The second one is entitled "The Forest". Now, this was conceptualised late one night when we wanted to do some filming before I had to return to my new home of Liverpool, and only had about a week. The next day, we ran off to the nearest forest and filmed all our principal photography. We envisiaged about a month of post-production work, which QUICKLY turned into FIVE months. We simply couldn't comprehend the amount of stuff that had to be done before we shot it, or else we probably wouldn't have shot it! It was only finished completely last week.

    It's a 10-minute long, "deadpan" humour, action/horror/comedy mix. It's a little bit weird really, but we're very proud of how the special effects turned out and how it was received when we premiered it at a party on the 18th December (with an LCD projector no less, it was wonderful!)

    We extensively used stock footage, CG rotoscoping, 3D modelling, and even wrote our own soundtrack for it. We think this is definitely our best work to date.

    The Forest High Quality - 44 MB
    The Forest Low Quality - 24 MB

    We've done lots of lesser videos, none up to the standard of these two, if you want to see any more go to

    Cheers for watching

    - Mike -
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    Hello and Welcome.

    Mat I ask what link you followed to find us?

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    Sure - links section of TeamFishCake
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    Good old Mike.

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    Aren't I wonderful.
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    And so is Mr Mike Thorpe of teamfishcake fame

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    TeamFishCake scum. I'm the only decent Mike on the internet.
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    A bold statement to make - can you back this up?

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    I feel that I do not need to! And with that, I depart for beer...
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    Ladies, ladies, stop fighting over me, there's plenty of fishcake love to go round....

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