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    Default Capturing and ripping the same?

    Hello, I am a newbie and have filmed some video on a Sony DCR-DVD308 and need to upload to Vimeo. Is the term capturing and ripping the same?
    I used a download called Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum. The quality of the video was not that great. Do not know if it is the camera or the download. Any advise would be great.

    PS would the Pinnacle Studio HD be good for me?
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    Vimeo help will tell you what formats you can upload, one being .mp4

    Capturing is normally "Capturing" from tape to the PC

    Ripping is normally from DVD or CD to PC

    Copying is normally data files fromone storage device to another

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    Thank you for your answer and time!

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    Pinnacle Studio HD, I presume the HD means high definition? As you are using a standard definition dvd camcorder then having HD will not make any difference to your the quality of your video. By all means download a 30 day trial of it but check to see that it can use .vob or .mpeg files as this is what is recorded onto the dvd discs on your camcorder. I haven't used Vimeo in quite a while and the settings may be different now but it should take either mpeg2 or mpeg4 or h264 just like Youtube.

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    Thank you very much for your reply. Have a great week!


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