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Thread: Announcement: MIDIanal. Freeware MIDI file to CSV

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    Default Announcement: MIDIanal. Freeware MIDI file to CSV

    Although not principally intended for use with video editing, this new Windows software will convert a Midi file into a CSV file; including the realtime (in seconds) of each midi event.

    For video users, the CSV can also include a calculated Frame number for each event. I have also included a small demonstration of the data being used to generate an Adobe After Effects script can be used to display all the notes; in time with the music.

    "MIDIanal" is free from

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    I would not know how to use this but the description and short demo movie is interesting. I may well treat myself to Adobe after effects one day. Thanks for taking the time to write it and share it with the rest of us.

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    MIDIanal, that's an interesting name.

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    Its primary purpose is for MIDI file analysis. But, I concur, a Google search may list it with wholly dissimilar products.

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