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Thread: Vegas 9.0 Jitter Effect question

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    Default Vegas 9.0 Jitter Effect question

    Hi everyone.

    I am making a nice little clip of a space-shuttle launching, captured from the freeware space -simulator, Orbiter.

    When the boosters ignite I want the camera to shake quite some. (Since the virtual camera in the clip is mounted on the rocket itself)

    I´ve tried by adding Sony Film Effects and adding "Jitter" to the clip.

    the jitter motion is perfect, and just what I want, but there´s one catch.

    When the jitter starts, black bars appears on the top and bottom of the frame, as if you see the edge of the picture.

    Nooob, you think, but this still appears even if I do "zoom" into the picture using the Pan/Crop window.

    But since it does "crop" the picture, and does not seem to remember the media "outside" the new, zoomed frame, it makes the jitter effect still have those black bars in the top/bottom at times.

    If you follow....

    Any ideas?


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    Quote Originally Posted by windh View Post
    . . but there´s one catch.
    Could be you need to apply the FX Pre- the Pan/Crop. You may have it set to Post- FX application. If this is the case it is not a catch, but a feature to ensure you are getting the FX happen in the sequence you wish.

    Look up Pre- and Post- Pan/Crop in the Manual for the graphic examples.

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    Ok, I´ll look into that. thanx.

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