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Thread: My entry (and 1st ever post)

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    Default My entry (and 1st ever post)

    Just joined this forum 3 minutes ago so this is my 1st post. My entry is outtakes from my 1st ever video and lasts 3minutes and 3 seconds.

    before i get loads of comments about how bad the green screen is... i know its bad.... was my 1st time. but the results where good. Im not sure if i can post the finished video here as it is 3minutes 54 seconds.

    if someone could let me know where i could post the finished video so people can see what the video turned out like.

    anyway heres my video hope it makes u laugh...also this was these guys 2nd video...

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    Hi MBE, welcome to videoforums. FYI This is the sort of video which fits nicely into the "Just for Fun" section. (Just under this section).

    Unfortunately it's too long to be an entry into this year's 3.33 competition.

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    thanks, i've uploaded the video of the outtakes and the finished project to 'just for fun' section....
    if this videos too long can i submit another video? its 3minutes 10second..

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    Of course... Please do, there's no limit to the number of entries an individual may submit.

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    Default my Second entry

    this video is of me and my brother training. We both film and edit. Im submiting this video in the 333 comp as the video is made up of 3 components, me, my brother and the gym. its also 3 minutes long and we spent 3 hours in total filming and training to make this video. so thats 3 reasons 333......

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