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    Default Enjoy the sunset

    I was on a forum when I read about the golden hour, that time of day when the light is truly wonderful. Its was a nice day so I ventured out to see what I could film. Thanks to that person who had taken the time to post his thread, I filmed the best sunset of my life so far.

    That night I edited this film and posted in reply to his post.

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    It's difficult to know what to say about a piece like this. However, I feel obliged to say something given all the effort you've put in to commenting on ohers' films

    It's a very nice mood piece.
    The most obvious thing that struck me was how easy it is to overlook the fact that we don't need to travel far from our own doorsteps to witness and capture some beautiful sunsets.
    I enjoyed the mix of shots - the silhouettes, straight shots, the composited stuff. The family with the three girls were a good find - the young girl's "thumbs up" was a superb "moment"

    I was a little confused by their reappearance later. Indeed the whole non-lnear approach didn't quite work for me. A sunset implies a chronological order. But that's just me. This sort of thing is highly subjective.

    Generally good steady camerawork, though the chips wre clearly struggling with the lack of light in some clips.

    I wasn't sure about the shifting focus around 2.40 - was that intentional (in which case why?) or just the autofocus searching (in which case is should be edited out)?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for that feedback its much appreciated. The shifting focus was not intentional and I learned that I need to fix the focus for similar shots in future. Your right about the linear thing.

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    Makes me want to visit the UK!

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