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Thread: Problems with sound/timing after rendering

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    I've have Sony Vegas Pro 8 for a little over a month now and so far, it's going quite good. I only have one problem, when I render a video, sometimes, the video is faster than the sound, or in other cases, the sound fails occasionally.

    I render in .wmv and 16:9 to have HD and widescreen on YouTube. Weirdest thing is, though, after I render, I convert to 3GP so I can also watch it on my cellphone, and on my cellphone, I have no problems with sound or timing whatsoever.

    Is there a problem with my settings, or is it just YouTube?
    Some additional details

    Here are videos that went wrong:
    YouTube - BONES || Wendell Bray || Simple Life [experiment #1] (goes wrong several times)

    YouTube - BONES || Bones || End in the Beginning Tribute [don't watch! TIMING'S AWFUL.]That last one, was one of the first, and it went horribly wrong. It played just fine when I previewed it in SV.
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