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Thread: New video cold hard cash!

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    Hey there,

    We’ve got a new website up and running that you may be interested in.

    Online Video Competitions, Music Video Contests - Win Cash Prizes From Doc Sniper :: Doc Sniper is a site that runs monthly themed film competitions.

    Basically you upload your films into the contest each month, cross your fingers that yours is voted the best….and win the jackpot!

    We’ve had our first winners announced so there is proof that we put our money where our mouth is. Check them out at Online Video Competitions, Music Video Contests - Win Cash Prizes From Doc Sniper :: Doc Sniper and if you think you can do better then get entering!

    This months theme is Red, as long as your film or video has something red in it, you can enter.

    Too easy,

    Doc Sniper

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    The only part I take issue with is in part 17 of the small print terms and conditions, way down the page, which has the catch-all "You give us your video and we can do what we like with it without paying you" paragraph.

    Not all competitions have this and I object to giving away rights just to enter a competition. If you win it, fair enough or if the organiser agrees to pay the non-winning entrant for using their work but the catch-all paragraph does make me wonder a bit...

    Edit: Also the "Enter from $10" bit is somewhat misleading since it's not clear that you have to pay $10 to enter the competion. There are so many free competitions out there my advice to our regulars is never pay to enter an online competition.
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    So, putting those two facts together, entrants are in fact paying someone to do as they please with their video. An interesting concept.

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    The advantage of posting information to forums is that you have the
    opportunity to receive open and honest feedback. The point that you have
    made is a valid one, we have taken this on board and will look into the possibility of revising these terms in order to address these concerns.

    We are a small agency operating out of the Gold Coast, Australia. Yes we
    charge a fee, we're not interested in hiding the fact that we are run as a
    business. However as a business we offer a place to foster and reward
    talent in the online film and video community.

    To clarify, on becoming a member you will see our full breakdown of shot prices which differ, for example, according to whether you buy single shots/uploads or subscribe.

    We welcome any other feedback or concerns that you may have as we are really keen to get this site off the ground.


    The team from Doc Sniper

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