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    Default DVD: vertical lines

    So I made a dvd. But

    on the pc only my screen was optimal with some ofthe avi codecs. for abobe mpg encoder, I allways got vertical lines in the video. the view is good when hold still.
    but when there is for example somebody running, the lines are all messed up. is this a capture problem or..? I think it also has to do with the resolution, cause with the avi , if I choose a small resolution, I dont got the problem. but wit mpeg you cant get low for dvd quality. and there is the prob, please help me. tnx

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    Have you deinterlaced?

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    Euh I don't think so.
    I don't know what you mean

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    Man this sucks.
    Could it be the drivers on my pc? or maybe the configuration of capture or my camera. I import true a DV Pinacle video card. But in premiere sometimes if I run it, he gives an error , troubleshooting with drivers, that I have to deinstall and install the windows drivers. But I dont know what I should uninstall and deinstall. :(

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    Hm, can't I edit my post?
    anyway the error appeard again. here is what it said.

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    Help please? somebody knows how I can undo the problem ?

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    Did you install a codec pack (like Nimo codecs) or some other software recently that might have messed with codecs on your machine (players, burning software, etc?)

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