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    I've been using Vegas 8 to edit .mpg video clips and I occasionally put a clip into the trimmer, open it in Sound Forge Audio Studio Vrs 9.0d and then save the audio only in a separate file to use as background ambiance for when I add in still photos to the video.
    I bought a new HD camera that produces .mts files, so I had to upgrade to Vegas 9, but when I try to move an .mts file into Sound Forge it doesn't recognize the file type. Do I need to upgrade to Sound Forge Version 10 in order to open the .mts files?

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    Do you actually need to treat it in any way in soundforge? You can just keep the sound on the timeline in Vegas, separate from the audio. Highlight your video&sound event on the timeline and press "U" to "ungroup" or separate the sound from the audio. You then have an audio event on the timeline that you can do whatever you wish with. Opening in an audio editor is only really necessary if you want to aplly some sort of treatments that don't appear in Vegas' own fairly extensive armoury.

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    Also worth noting is that typically Sony cameras, as well as others, record the audio as 5.1 surround sound so importing the file into Vegas and then ungrouping it is a great idea from Tim. When you bring in an AVCHD clip with 5.1 audio, Vegas 9 will automatically make it a stereo downmix for you and then Sound Forge will accept it.

    Don't underestimate the Vegas audio tools!!! They are pretty powerful!! I usually use Goldwave to tinker with audio but if the file is in Vegas you have an amazing bunch of plugins to work with right there!!


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    Thanks guys, I'm still a newb and I didn't know about the U command. That will work for what I need to accomplish with this project. I had stumbled on moving it to the sound editor and saving it for future use and that's what I kept doing.

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