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    This is my first time posting, if you couldn't guess. Anyway, I've got a few questions I've been looking for answers to unsuccessfully that maybe you guys could help me with.

    I use Premiere Pro 1.5 and After Effects 6 (Though I'm not very good at it, at all, yet)

    I have one really important question that I'm dying to figure out..
    I'm doing a video for school which involves some parts of the screen being color and others black and white. I originally planned on using garbage mattes and edge feathering....but the problem with that
    -Garbage mattes would take FOREVER to do, even on a 2.5 minute video.
    -Edge feather doesn't feather the edge of the CROPPED image >_< just the whole video

    Any suggestions? please? :X

    Oh, also, since I'm here. I got a question that I don't know WHO to ask (I'm pretty much the only person that I talk to who does video producing outside of school (we use Avid Casablancas at school :/)) --
    I use Encore DVD as well..but anytime I export it, it won't play on ANY dvd players..just computers

    any idea? I followed the instructions step by step.

    Thanks for the help (I hope you guys can help I'm kinda screwed without it)


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    You could try the 'color pass' effect on PPro. It turns your clip to b & w then you choose which color you want to retain, but lets you choose only one color universally - if you chose blue, all similar shades of blue will be affected. You can control the tolerance level, but usually it doesn't do a good job.
    Try it nevertheless, it might do the job you want to.

    Regarding your other Q, granting that you did the process right...what sort of media did you use? Have you tried burning on a -R or +R disc? Your media might not be compatible with the players you tried it on.

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