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Thread: In a way, I saved money!

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    Default In a way, I saved money!

    I started speccing out a new PC last night. Got as far as dual opteron 250s, Tyan mobo and 2GB of appropriate RAM and was already at the 2K mark. So instead I've bought a matched pair of 512MB sticks of RAM to add to the two I already have to give 2GB in total. Also splashed out on a 400GB drive.

    Not the ideal scenario, but a a LOT cheaper than getting a new PC and NAS! The dual CPU PC will have to wait till next year...

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    Similar to what i did eariler this year. I went dual CPU but on athlon MP's. It all started when i found a Tyan mobo for a bargin 130 so thought, no problem I can do this sell mine and only be short of a few hundred - how wrong was I. I decided to get 2800mp chips which were 110 each, then it turned out my new mobo would not fit in my case as its extended ATX form factor so 150 on a nice new case to solve that, then I find that this mobo will only work on a special ATXGES powersupply, these are nearly impossible to get. So I get one (100+vat) only to find that I end up with an ATX12V so rather than send it back as the pins are totally different, I cut of the plugs and resoldered them in the right configuration. So memory next. These kind of boards require good quality ram often ECC registered. I got a bargin here, 2 gb HP server ram for 88 off ebay - result. Then it came to HDDs my old boot disk was a 5200 rpm IDE. This board has onboard SCSI so I wanted to use that. I managed to pick up a Atlas 15Krpm 36GB drive from pc world for 80 (who ho bargin again) Next came a Pioneer A08 drive 50 odd, by now I was way over 800 and I had only set out origionally to spend half that. However I have ended up with a nice system. I just need to get a decent sound card now. Looking at an EMU one. Not sure yet..
    First B/W semi pro music video in the bag! More to come.
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