Hello everybody,
We have decided to buy a camcorder. Never before we had one, but we know that in order to enojy the videos - they have to be edited after the shooting. Otherwise, you will never watch the junk you tape
As we are not sure of our editing capabilities/desires, we want to start at a "low profile" hardware.
If its any important, we have only a MacBook (1 years old, the strongest model) that we can use for editing (oh, yeh, and a Dell business laptop, which is weak).
Here are the requirments for the camcorder and possible usages:
1. Price - somewhere in the $300 range (and we would like to stay in that range and not over)
2. Preffer a real digital storage like SD but this is not a must.
3. Something compact to take it on the go.
4. We will be shooting mostly family fun stuff like parties, trips, picnics, sea vocations... However, we also do some sporting like skii, rock climbing, car racing and would like to tape these also
5. Did I say compact?
6. OIS and optical zoom is almost a must

I'd gladly give more details, just let me know.
Thanks allot,