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    Default rendering and title effects

    the other day i made my 1st movie and was quite happy with it. now im starting to experiment a little further and need some help please.

    in my 1st project when i altered something ie titles or transitons etc then only the atered bit of the timeline needed rendered for the full movie. when im doing it now every time i change something i end up having to re-render the entire timeline. what have i got set differently thats causing this???

    is there any way to have a typing effect for a title??? ive got a typewriter font sorted but dont know how to ( if possible ) get the title to type letter by letter onto the screen . i suppose i could do it with many layers of titles overlapping each other but that seems a long and complicated way to do it.

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    Just mask off the bits of the title you don't want to see (yet) and alter the mask over time. Assuming you can do this in PPro directly. This is how I do it using the RT.X100 - dunno if you can keyframe masks in PPro though. Anyone?

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    im using 6.5. can it be done with this????
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    I'm guessing, I'm not sure how your video is

    If the title is on top of another video...instead of waiting for it to render the full video clip again (or in your case, the movie, whoa)...split the video at the end of the title.

    that way, the second part stays rendered when you remove the title, just the first part has to be rerendered.

    did that make sense? I don't know how to explain it. I'll take screenshots if you want

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    thanks seppuko. i think i grasp what your trying to describe, ill give it a go and see how i get on
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