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    I'm about to buy a HMC 151E.
    I know I need a big Pc, I read a bit of everything. If anyone could estimate from his own experience a price for a PC able to support the HMC 151e editing on Premiere or Vegas (in a first time) ?

    Stock or custom pc ? Thanks Xxx

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    For AVCHD at 24mps you will need at LEAST a quadcore machine and 8GB of ram. An i7 processor (octocore would be way better) Preferable would be to wait for Windows 7 too!! AVCHD is pretty hard on the processor and often your new PC costs as much as the new camera!!!

    Admittedly I cheat!!!! I just use the Mainconcept transcoder (free from panny) to transcode all my AVCHD down to Widescreen AVI. All my clients only want a SD DVD so the tiny bit of extra quality by editing AVCHD to SD is hardly worth the effort. Obviously if you have to render out to HD then you will need the BIG machine to do it properly!!


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    Thank you for the reply. Xxx

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