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    [ame=]YouTube - Watch Dog Hot Dog[/ame]

    Feel free to comment, and/or ask any questions.
    Thank you for your time.
    BTW, this was a commercial I made for my school.

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    Very clean shots of teh students. Did you use any articicial lighting or were you just lucky?
    You may have problems using brands in the commercial (yes, even in a school environment) - especially from Coca-Cola, but one would hope they'll turn a blind eye.
    The v/o was a little bit too fast for my Brit ears but maybe OK stateside.

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    I had a lighting kit, but when I checked the camera, it was lit perfectly.

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    I enjoyed it! You made me laugh when the eyeballs first appeared. The only improvement I would suggest is improving the titles, they don't stand out enough.

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