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Thread: Sony Handycam DCR-DVD310 Help! Lost movies:(

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    Default Sony Handycam DCR-DVD310 Help! Lost movies:(

    Hi everybody!
    I've got a problem with my Sony Handycam DCR-DVD310 and DVD BenQ. I would be grateful if somebody could help me.

    The problem: I've lost my movies without any reason. After recording I look through them and everything was ok. Then, I turned the camcorder off and after the next turning on the movies were gone. Is there any chance of getting back these movies and how I may do so?

    I've got BENQ DVD-R 1.4 GB, which I have recently bought. I haven't formatted the DVD before recording. Before recording the unlucky movies I had already recorded 6 movies which are still on the DVD. I haven't finalized the DVD and the finalization isn’t possible:(.

    Also, after recording, but before turning off, when the lost movies still existed on the DVD, camcorder was showing that there was some space on the DVD to record another movies. Then, when I turned the handycam off and turn on again, not only did the movies disappeared, but also camcorder showed (and is still showing) that DVD was full and there were no space to record anything. Moreover, there is a message : “Movie recording disabled”. What may be the problem? Was the DVD somehow damaged?

    However, the previous 6 movies recorded before these unlucky ones, which are lost with no reason, can be watched, copied onto hard drive etc. with no obstacles. So, it seems that DVD isn’t damaged at all.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance. I hope that somehow I would be able to get back lost movies.

    Ps. Sorry, if I’ve made some linguistic mistakes. I live in Poland and I’m Pole and, unfortunately, I don’t have many opportunities to speak English:( Greetings, see you!

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    I am having similar problems but my Sony has a hardrive not disk. I have lost precious clips of my Samoyed dog taken last year . He has since died so they were precious.
    They were there before I went on holiday beginning September but now some are gone. I have not dropped the camcorder so it's a mystery.
    I hope I have them on a DVD somewhere in my mountain of saved stuff
    I forgot to say my pc died so I lost the videos which were uploaded to it. Some have been saved on an external hard drive but not the ones I want. Grrrr
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