Hi there guys and girls,

Well, the time has come for my small videography business to spread its wings and hopefully move out into a brave new corporate world.

After 18 months of toil, sweat and hard work, I have come to the conclusion that with a full time job, two children under five and all the fun that brings that there is no room any more for my videography business and hence I have made the difficult decision to pass it on to another caring business minded person.

Potential buyers should PM me in the first instance if they would like more details. In a tiny nutshell, the business has grown very fast to become one of the leading videography businesses in Cornwall with a good client list and future work and potential long term contracts already lined up. Although we are currently homed in Cornwall, there is no reason why the business cannot be moved elsewhere.

I will obviously be able to provide full business support for a while to help ease someone through the transition period. The sale will include transfer of all company structures and legal documentation, organisation memberships, website, promotional materials, film archive, goodwill, customer base, and some equipment.

Please, only serious potential buyers need apply.