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    I dont know if this is ok here but surfing on youtube I found this documentary about a Close Up magician called Troy Star. Although I didnt watched it all yet I found it pretty good. I like the idea that you can watch it online and buy it if you liked it. You may take a look. I leave you a review.

    TROY STAR, Fake It Till You Make It


    [ame=]YouTube - TROY STAR Fake It Till You Make It - TRAILER[/ame]


    [ame= 209C3&index=0]YouTube - TROY STAR MOVIE - Part 1 of 10[/ame]


    Troy Star Movie - Home

    "Prepare to be dazzled like never before in the movie event of the decade.

    In a classic case of ambition far outweighing talent, burnt out and broke B-grade magician (Troy Star) decides to turn his life around by executing a half-baked scheme to travel the globe shooting a documentary on magic.

    Once abroad, the plan starts to fall apart. In a bid to keep alive his dreams of money, women and a taste of the big-time, Star keeps hacking away at it despite the mounting odds against success.

    The action, comedy and drama never stops as he weaves his way around the globe meeting a selection of real-life characters, magicians and some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Cuba Gooding Jr and NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal - all headed for Las Vegas, in a feel good Hollywood style ending that will leave you inspired and totally entertained. "

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    Yes and there are some really good documentaries shown on the tv as well, but I am looking to critique peoples own productions here thanks.

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