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    Ive done a search but cant find any info on this.

    I have some footage that i want a flashing strobe effect on, only the strobe needs to be blue light, not white and not totally block out the scene each time it flashes. It needs to be "translucent" so to speak so that you can still see whats happening in the scene. The flashes need to be REALLY quick.

    If anyone can answer this for me ill buy you a pint!

    PS: my footage is shot in 16:9

    Many thanks


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    What freq for strobe? How many flashes/second?

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    Hey Grazie,

    A bit like lightning i suppose so REALLY quick intermittent flashes perhaps two per second

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonmin troll View Post
    A bit like lightning i suppose so REALLY quick intermittent flashes perhaps two per second
    - Now, is that you WANT to emulate lightning? That IS different to just BLUE strobing? We can do better than that and get a much BETTER look?

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    If you want lightning, I've done lightning.

    And it isn't flashes of blue, it's flashes of DESAT High Contrast whites and then BACK to blue. If you want the veg - shout! What version of Vegas you using?

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    Yes please grazie that would be awesome! using Vegas 6 pro

    What do i need to do?? email is if you need to send something

    Thanks alot!!!!!

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    V6 eh? - Done it in VP9 .. bother!

    I'll try and do a conversion to VP5 . ..

    BRB . ..

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    Thanks man! not upgrading till i finish this short encase something goes wrong!

    My speciality is music production so if you need anything just holla!

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    OK . . . I had to re-create it in VP5!! It's rougher than my VP9 version but it gives you an idea.

    Basically I did it with 4 FXs:

    • Levels
    • Black and White
    • Colour Curves - For NIGHT!
    • Colour Curves - For CONTRAST
    OK . . Each bunch of 4 in the FX menu are in groups of 3 Keyframes. SO:-

    First set are what happens BEFORE Lightning
    Second Set are DURING
    Third Set revert to what the scene looked liked BEFORE lightning.

    So each set of three need to kinda go together, but you can, and have, played with spacing them out to get a more organic feel.

    OK . . . If you CAN open this VV5 veg in veg that's down to you! And that's my waiver on ANY responsibility! But if you DO open it and get to see the FX layout - it looks complex but I'm hoping that the comments above will help you - yeah?

    Sending now . .

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    I'm trying to send VEG through this site? Not having luck with that "email" addie? Have attached to this. It is in Vegas Video 5 so I am HOPING this will work - it should, but yah never know! If anybody else uses this, you do so at your OWN RISK!
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