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    Thumbs up The Fall to Fame

    Here's an entry in the competition. Shot in the '60s - This is the first of four parts.....

    [ame=]YouTube - The Fall to Fame 1 - Title Sequence & Interview[/ame]

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    Sweet. Mind sharing what filters you used? Just to make an observation, I don't remember 60's films being THAT grainy but very nice nonetheless.

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    Red face No Filters

    Hi Rebecca - Thanks for viewing the clip. I didn't use any filters back then. Just shot it with a Super 8mm camera, and converted it to VHS before loading it on YouTube. I appreciate your comments. Thanks again! - Tom

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    So this has what to do with 3.33?

    "The voting will reflect how the entrant interprets 3:33."

    And since it is part 1 of four parts and is already 3.07 long, you may well find that it falls outside the time limit of (you guessed it) 3.33

    Interesting film, nothing to do with our summer comp tho'

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