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Thread: No Audio in Sony Vegas Pro 8.

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    Default No Audio in Sony Vegas Pro 8.

    I recently came across a problem on my editing program. First of all whenever I import a video from Pinnacle Studio 10, I do not render my videos from there. Once I capture my footage of whatever I then used Sony Vegas Pro 8 to start my editing. However, today I noticed that my videos wouldn't have audio, I checked my cables to see if that was the problem.

    It wasn't. I played the videos in VLC player and I could hear music and sound. Though when I play it through Sony Vegas I don't get a noise and the audio bar is gone or doesn't appear when dragging the video down to the editing section.

    Here are some pictures:

    First these is my Dazzle DVC 170 settings:

    Then here is what happens in Sony Vegas.

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    In your last JPG with the Vegas Explorer Window, it shows the story: "Audio: Stream Attributes could not be determined" - So there you have it. Whatever is part of the AUDIO stream within that MP4 is not something that Vegas can decode.

    If I were you I'd be converting this file via s/w that can read the AUDIO stream and then render THAT to something that Vegas CAN ingest. You should read the information on the INTERNET about MP4 and the complexities of just what is going on inside it.

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    Not sure why you're capturing in one application then editing in Vegas? Doesn't really make sense. Just capture with Vegas, and your audio will be fine. If you're stuck with the video you've created/captured. You could try creating a .wav file from the clip using Pinnacle, then use that as the audio for your clip in Vegas.

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    Nice work--thank you for sharing-
    Thanks so much for this. I appreciate the effort. It really helps a lot.
    Glad to hear you're using this: I plan to keep it much more aggressively up-to-date than has been the case in the past, but don't hesitate to let me know if you find errors or need clarifications.

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