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Thread: Stu tu tu tu ter on Importing Footage

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    Default Stu tu tu tu ter on Importing Footage

    Does anyone know if there's a problem importing Movie files exported from Final Cut Pro on the mac, saved as FCP .mov files (25fps 720x576 yaddayadda) and then imported into Premiere Pro?

    For some reason, they play fine in Quicktime, but if I drag them onto the timeline in Premiere Pro, they stutter. It's noticeable in both audio and video.

    Computer specs at the mo are:

    AMD 2600+
    1.5Gb RAM
    160Gb HD
    ATi x800 Graphics
    Firewire + all usual mod cons

    Cheers in advance

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    Have you tried rendering the timeline?
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    um I haven't as such set it away rendering, but I did just set it away exporting. You think that's the problem. I have to render it first. Kinda makes sense I suppose.

    I'd first noticed it on the final DVD and then worked back til I found it was actually a problem in Premiere, however, having worked with FCP for so long on the MAC, I'm used to it not letting me export unless I've rendered it, so when this just went ahead and exported, I'd assumed it was okay.

    Now I've just got to figure out WHYYYYYY :cry: this infernal DVD will not play on my flamin Sanyo DVD player. (It's another reason I started the switch to PC), and one I don't know if you can help me with.

    It plays perfectly fine in most other players, but in my Sanyo it comes up with "No Play" but I haven't been able to fathom a reason it would come up with this. I've done DVD's before that start with motion and then lead to the menu, but this one wouldn't work on FCP & DVD Studio Pro on the mac, so I recreated the whole project on the PC, and it doesn't work on there either. Even tried a different brand of DVD Media just in case, but nope, not a dicky bird.

    Don't worry if you can't answer that one, I'll cure it one way or another, even if it is with a large axe.

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    Okay, this is starting to do my head in now.

    First of all, I discovered Premiere wasn't too keen on a straightforward import, so I've mucked around with the files until I finally get something that plays fine in Premiere Pro, plays fine in preview through Real Player, but yet when exported to DVD plays like crap.

    I'm sure I've read a post somewhere in here (or another video forum if a link came up thru Google) which was commenting on the export resembling 3 frames forward 1 frame back or something like that.

    In any case, when I've exported it to DVD it looks like that and it's driving me barmy. Apart from having spent a fortune on Adobe Software, I am now endebted to my local computer supplier who have kindly given me 30 days to pay for Canopus Pro'flamin'coda, but even that has so far failed to solve the problem.

    What's really annoying is that I've already done this project, it worked, from the MAC export, on anything but my SANYO DVD player, however I am determined, before I go to my grave, that I will successfully get this thing to export to DVD and burn from the PC.

    So does anyone remember a post that went on about jerky dvd export, and if so do they have the link, or can they answer this one again.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Well this gets all the more interesting.

    Still can't get any disks to play in my SANYO, which is baffling me, although I'd initially noticed that Encore wasn't adding an AUDIO_TS folder and I recall that causing some problems once before with that particular player.

    However, because of the problems I've been having with this I did a few experiments. I imported a section of video footage using my CANOPUS ADVC 100 and encoded that using Procoder using the PAL Mastering setting, although I did change the minimum bitrate to 3500 instead of the default 0 because I didn't want the bitrate dropping too far (under the assumption that the higher the setting the better the quality).

    I burned it to DVD and tried playing it back, and the only noticeable stutter was during a line of scrolling text during an advert, otherwise it seemed fine.

    So then I thought I'd give my old School project another bash, tried encoding it using Procoder, and also tried encoding it using the Adobe Media Encoder, burned both versions to DVD and checked it out. The AME version plays perfectly, the Procoder one stutters.

    My other half is sitting there looking at me like "you still farting on with that thing?" and I'm like grrr woman, I've spent nearly 2k lately on software and gizmo's and I'm damn well gonna get this thing to work if it kills me.

    however I do seem to be prattling a lot to myself here, but at least it's spleen venting.

    So, after all that, anyone have problems with stuttery export from Encore/Premiere/Canopus Procoder? and if so, is there a solution?

    If not, great, coz although the whole Procoder watch folder was looking like it could be a godsend, I've got 30 days to send this thing back and not pay anything so if anyone can cure it before then that'd be great.

    Cheers, all the best, you know the rest.

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    It's official.

    I'm an idiot.

    I think.

    Still can't get my Sanyo to work with any of my current DVD's, so am relying on an X-Box, a PS2 and a 30 ASDA's best DVD player for my testing, and I made a startling discovery when doing a quick conversion of a 20 minute piece of footage of my son's 8th birthday.


    For some reason, I completely glanced over the field order option and left it as progressive and was startled when I was getting mixed results. So, while tearing my hair out after 3 hours of different applications and exports, I finally got a DVD that worked perfectly, no stutter (still doesn't answer the initial post tho), perfect picture, the works, and all I did was specify lower in the flamin field order and that's it.

    Just thought I'd post that response in case anyone else has had this kind of problem.

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