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Thread: canon xm2 head/recording issue

  1. Default canon xm2 head/recording issue

    hey guys, its been a while.

    ok so i have a buggered canon xm2. when i record it pretends to be recording, red light and on-screen graphic are all there. however, when i come to view the recording, there is nothing there (if its a new tape) or footage from a previous shoot.

    now on occasion it has said that the heads are dirty, so i go through the head cleaning routine - bit of spit and wire wool and maybe the odd cleaning tape but, it then will record fine but only for one take, then we are back to pretending to record.

    any ideas or suggestions?

    i have called canon who offered no advice at all and just wanted me to send it in to them so they could then have a look and let me know the damage/cost to fix.


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    can you play the tapes back on a different camera? i could be that the playback head is damaged but the recording head is fine.

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    its 100% a recording issue, if there is already footage on the tape this is not overwritten when the camera is supposedly recording.

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    oh... that's insaine.

    are there any local camera shops about?

    heck maybe even currys may know what to do (doubt it).

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