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    I'm a musician working primarily with instrumental and ambient sounds in a wide range of genres- hip/trip hop, minimal, dnb and various others I won't try to categorize : )

    My question is are there any people who might have abstract videos they could offer to be set to music, or any who'd like to produce something especially? I can't offer you anything in exchange, except credit for your work at the moment, however I'm involved with setting up a record label, so if things work out, doors could well be opened....

    You can listen to a small selection of work on A Fractal Void on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos, and if you like, reply here, or to my email (my nick

    Thanks for reading guys,


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    Hi there, I film drifting (a form of motorsport in NZ) and am just starting to get off the ground, I would be interested in getting a few beats off you if possible!

    I will email you with more info when I have the time.

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    omg The Ocean Rushes To Meet Us is fan-bloody-tastic. Amazing work, you are destined for great things!

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