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Thread: How to download video?

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    Unhappy How to download video?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, having just joined so I can hopefully find some answers. I am in the tree business, and recently had a friend film me taking down a large tree. Two cameras were used, and he used Pinnacle 10 to edit and produce what I thought was a great video. However, it's about twelve minutes long...two minutes longer than Youtube will allow. I tried to download it to my computer (I guess that's what you'd call it) so that my daughter could further edit it using Windows Movie Maker. But I CANNOT get it onto my computer. Ordinarily, when you insert a disc, a box pops up giving you different options (at least it does for a photo card). I can't figure any way to get the video "ONTO" my PC. HELP!!! We did manage to get it one time by "clicking-and-dragging" the files or something, but we can't remember how we did it, and when I tried to rename the file, we couldn't access it again and I had to delete it. Can anyone tell me how to transfer this video to my PC? All advice appreciated!!

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    goto your cd/dvd drive, find the video files and secelct them, right click. goto my documents, edit>paste

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