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    Hello everyone, I'm totally new to the sound editing thing. I'm also a game developer and I'm currently making a scary level.
    I was watching James Bond: Goldeneye last week and I remember a part where Bond walks in some sort of graveyard with statues. At a certain point you hear a deep, scary choir for a second. I've been looking how to reproduce that.
    I suppose it's a deep Russian chorus that was somehow distorted to make it sound more evil.
    I made a short clip of said sound so you can hear for yourself what I mean.

    Keep in mind I'm really new at this... so I'm not asking to do it in my place, but please if possible give enough details so a complete noob understands The sound editing software I use is SoundForge.
    If anyone can help me, I'd be really grateful.

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    To me, it sounds like a single bass singer (not distorted), a lingering chord from Strings (e.g. Cello/Violas), a low bass string sound; and some big bass low frequency drums (e.g. Kettle drums). I may be wrong, but I suspect the tension comes from the long notes; and the shock (the scary part) occurs when the Kettle drums occur.

    Happily, producing that kind of tapestry of sounds does not require musical genius, but does require getting hold of the basic samples to use ( merge and cut and slice) in SoundForge.

    Most cheap MIDI synths (even the one built into PC sound cards) can produce the string and drum sounds, but they seldom come with a built in russian(!). Even so, one of the basic ("GM") MIDI sounds is "Male Voice"; and when played low; tends to sound dramatic.

    I tend to use Roland MIDI equipment; which include such samples; But a cheap MIDI synth might do quite well.

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