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Thread: Sony sx-30 - ambiguous video quality

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    Unhappy Sony sx-30 - ambiguous video quality

    Hi there,
    for first..nice forum...many compliments

    so...I've purchesed a Sony dcr sx-30 ... I make some video and lokking them in the Pc I'm surpised about the low video quality...

    Can Someone tell me if this video is correct for this camera?
    I uploaded it on youtube and the quality on youtube is the same I have on my Pc

    here the video with hq setting >>>

    thankyou very much

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    so??? somebody here? Am I the first and last man purcheasing this bad camera?
    so... no problem I've just know replace it with a Canon, thanks to the shopper
    bye bye

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    That looks about right for a camcorder that records in mpeg2 format, in fact it looks a lot better than some mpeg2 camcorder video I've seen.

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