Bass Visuals creates footage for VJ's, venues, events and creative people who require quality footage for almost any application. Our team strives to amaze and inspire with premium content that will set you apart from the crowd.

We're back with a new website. What has changed...

- Prices have been reduced dramatically.
- We now offer a Public Performance or Royalty Free license option.
- When applicable footage now comes with an alpha matte.
- Some footage includes additional elements as indicated by the plus icon. For example a single strawberry element now comes with Strawberry Rain, in this instance the element also comes with an alpha matte.
- Still available in High or Standard definition.
- We are in the progress of producing loops as cheap as $2, they will be shorter and simpler but still at a high quality.

We're are interested in what kind of loops you do and don't want to see? We have a lot of idea's but also want to hear yours.

Make a request! If we like your idea we will produce it and put it on our website.

We would love to hear your feedback.