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Thread: Import XML Sample Rate Problem

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    I'm currently finalising the 'export to Vegas XML' part of an application called
    AATranslator - the 'import from Vegas XML' is currently in production.

    The function is essentially finished except that for some reason (and its probably me) everytime I get an associate to import the xmls that have been created externally from Vegas they all import as if they are 48000 sample rate. Vegas shows 44100 as the project settings and the script specifically indicates 44100. I appear to have ironed out all the other bugs except for this one.

    I guess what I'm asking is - is there a known problem in this area or do I need to spend more time locating the problem at my end.

    Thanks in advance

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    All fixed - I suspect by the magic pixies

    I guess there are no stupid questions only stupid people

    I can now cross that one off my list.

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    Our latest version has been out for a while and it reads & writes Vegas xml files. Our next release will add some new scripts which add Track Gain & Track Pan to the Vegas import/export process. We will also be adding OMF2, more OpenTL and Avid ALE support.

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    Our latest version has been out for a couple of weeks.

    It reads OMF2 and there are also some additional Vegas scripts to enhance import/export between daws.

    Our next version is already in beta and adds more Presonus Studio One/Capture support and will also have Final Cut Pro import/export functionality.

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    Its been a while but the current version of AATranslator now reads & writes FCP xmls as well as other new formats and further improvements to the existing formats that we already support.

    We have another version due in about a week which will add improved OpenTL support (including Logic & Presonus's unique interpretation) and support for Ardour session files as well as improved support for the unique format of Paris omfs.

    We are hoping to implement omf2 export (we currently read omf2 files) in the following version (fingers crossed).

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