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Thread: pro/duo play back on tv

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    i have a sony dcr trv 33e camcorder and would like to use a pro/duo stick instead of tapes . the footage i have recorded on the stick is not viewable smoothly on my tv is the problem due to it being recorded in mpeg format if so what can i do to remedy the problem
    cheers Les.

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    As I understand, that camcorder is not 'optimised' for recording to the memory stick. It is likely that the quality will be significantly (noticably) worse than video recorded to tape. How are you sending the signal to the TV? If it is via the camcorder, it is very likely that the what you see is exactly what you recorded. Have you tried watching the MPEG on a computer?

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    thanks mark i,ll try the computer.
    cheers Les.

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    Default viewing pro/duo on computer

    i,ve tried viewing on my computer with same result,surely a pro/duo card is meant for video as well as stills so how can i view footage in an acceptable format.
    cheers les.

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