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Thread: Shooting video in high temperatures

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    Question Shooting video in high temperatures

    I have just come back from a holiday in Kenya (lucky me) and reviewed my video taken with a Sony HDR-HC7, most of it using the Sony Telephoto lense.
    The majority of the footage is excellent. Really good in HD when shown on an HD TV. However the footage I took around midday of the Wilderbeest crossing the river is shaking, with some camera noise which I havn't heard before.

    None of this 'shaking' could be seen in the viewfinder and all looked good as I was taking the shots.

    Video taken on the same day, both before the crossing and after, is fine with no problems and the usual high quality I have come to expect with this excellent (up till now) camera. This same problem has occured on a subsequent tape.

    I always use new tapes and all the same Sony brand.

    Has anyone else come across this problem - and if so is it a problem with the camera that needs fixing, or a known problem.

    Any help would be much appreciated - some (what would have been) excellent footage of Wilderbeest and Zebra being caught by crocs is unuseable.............


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    I dont have that camera but just a thought, footage before and after ok and the problem only appeared during that one shot? Did any other vehicles pull close during that take? if so maybe it was interference from an electrical source. The rangers radio ?

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    Default Shooting video in high temperatures

    Thanks for the reply, but I don't think it is interference. The problem lasted for several minutes, plus it continued at the next stop - 3 male leopards. Vehicle radios were going all the time without problem ruling this possibility out.
    Having spoken with someone at Cecil Jacobs, they think it is a known problem with both tape and Hard Drive camcorders, where high temperatures affect the moving parts.
    Seems like, if I am in the same position again, I will need to get a camcorder with an SD card.

    Again thanks for the reply.

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