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    Default My entry : RIP Matt

    Can I enter my video? It's exactly 3:33 but other than that theres no reference (does it have to have a 3 reference in the title?).

    Ok so it really is 3:33 but youtube likes to cut the last second off the end of videos so is registering it as 3:32

    I also posted this in the user vids section for general feedback. If this video does not qualify here for no 3 title reference please feel free to delete this thread from here. I won't be offended.

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    At the bottom left, youtube shows its length as... 3.33 so it fits the requirements that it's within the prescribed length and (as it's exactly 3.33) has something to do with 333.

    What's more... As the first and only entry....At the moment you're in the lead!!!

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    That's weird, the video details under 'my account' show 3:33 but the video player shows 3:32 for me. Oh well.
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    at first i thought wtf? but then it got funnier as it went and then the final line just made for a great end. very well put together aswell with the hand gestures and the changing angles. i liked it!

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    Thanks, glad you enjoyed!
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