Hi all, ive been reading your forums in the back ground for quite some time. Ive finally got the money together to get a new camcorder so i thought id ask for some advice.

Ive currently got a JVC Everio HDD Camcorder - not to impressed with it tbh - saves as daft .mov files which are a nightmare.

I use my camera to film my rugby team play and then put it onto dvd for us all to watch at a training session. Im looking at spending about 250 on a new camcorder as was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction for this? As i said, it'll be mostly used for rugby matches but also for some family stuff as well. I like the concept of the HDD as this is more conveinient. Do you think i should go to HD camcorder? Or would this be to much to get onto dvd to watch each week?

Hope you dont mind me asking. Many thanks in advance.