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Thread: How too 'freeze' a clip?

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    Default How too 'freeze' a clip?

    Hello fellow Sony Vegas users!

    I have a question, like the title says how to 'freeze' a moment in a clip. If you don't excelly understand what I mean, i've found an clip with the trick is in: (at 0:50 to 1:00 ) You see that the clip has been 'paused' 'freezed' how ever you could call it.

    So is this possible to do with Sony Vegas Movie studio? How to do?

    I hope some one could help me

    With best regards,


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    I don't use Vegas, so I can't give you specific instructions on how to achieve this. But I can explain the process which will point you in the right direction. Essentially, video is a series of images placed one after the other to create the illusion of movement. Rather like a flick book. In order to "freeze" video, you therefore need to repeat one frame. A way to do this is to export one the frame you want to freeze as an image, and then place this on the timeline. As images can be stretched over time on the timeline, you can "hold" the frame for any number of seconds.

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    Hey mate in Sony vegas Pro you can take a snapshot of the video as a still and add that too the time line as you would a video
    Every question is easy if you know the answer

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    You can do as Joe says,make sure the preview is is to best and full frame.

    or you can right click (if you have Vegas pro) the clip select envelopes, VELOCITY, then right click on the line where you want start the still and then add a Key frame then add another straight after it and then right click the KF and set the speed to "0" (zero)
    a bit long winded, but you can slow and speed things up as well.

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    Since you dont have Pro you cannot do the envelope method.

    Place your curser on the frame you want to freeze. Then in the video preview window set it ti Best-Full (This is important) then click the snapshot icon, the one to the far right that looks like a floppy disk. IIt will ask you if you want tyo save it as jpg or png and where and what name. It will save the still in that folder and place it in the project media. Take the still and put it on the time line. Itt will probabaly default to 5 seconds. You can stretch it to whatever length you desire,

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    Excellent Video!! LArf . . . . .

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    Thank you for the reply's, very help full!



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