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    Hi, I have digital camera Praktica Dpix 530Z and when i want to open recorded videos on Sony vegas 8 pro, software crash...

    I tryed to open video in newest VirtualDub but it said this: "Error reading source frame XXX: Error decompressing video frame XXX: Error: The size of this frame is inconsistent with the video" which XXX is number of frame opened

    I really dont know if some codec is missing or what, I have Klite mega codec pack installed.

    Here is sample of video if it can halp Link

    Thanks for any advice

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    Hi Chap i think in this case you either know the exact cause or just go back and remove\uninstall everything and start again. I cant see how the recorded video can be the problem make sure everything is installed according too the manufaturers instructions use the latest drivers and updates you can get and try again.

    I dont recognise the exact error and have no idea of the cause could be vegas could be a codec. I'd remove vegas the camera drivers if installed and any codecs and start again
    Every question is easy if you know the answer

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