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Thread: 1 right side vertical black bar after rendering

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    Default 1 right side vertical black bar after rendering

    I have a 320x236 video that is OK until I render it. After I start to render it with the same resolution, a right side vertical black bar appears on the rendered video and on the preview window. It is over the video, cutting out part of it. Version 8 and the latest version 9 of Sony Vegas Pro have this problem. It happened before with other videos too. Any ideas?
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    320x236 is a non-standard format so Vegas has no idea what to do with it!!!
    It doesn't conform to any normal raw video so I guess you have created it yourself from existing source footage.

    If you have to render this out to the same size file then you could probably use the closest 320x240 Multimedia Project preset and then render it as an SD file but use the custom button in render to change the size if needed. You will also have to enable the "stretch video to fill frame" option too!!!

    Can I ask why the video is such a strange size and what it's final destination and format is??? It might assist in helping you


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    It IS an odd format. Almost as if it has been previously cut out from another video?

    OK, 3 questions and 2 suggestions:

    1] You say it plays fine on the Timeline. No Black Bar anywhere?

    2] What are your Project Settings? And how did you discover/know WHAT to set them at?

    3] What are you rendering to? Template and its settings?

    Suggestion 1: Download G-Spot and report back here as to what CODEC spawned it.

    Suggestion 2: Use the Project Properties Match Media option.
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    I tried what you suggested but still the black bar appears. I noticed that it only appears when I use ffdshow codecs.

    The video is a FLV1 flash video from a TV website.

    The final destination format will be avi-flv FLV1.

    1. It's fine on the timeline BEFORE I try to render. Then it is not OK on the timeline and any subsequent attempt to render even with a codec that does not cause the problem, will result in a black bar. I have to close and reopen the project to remove the black bar.

    2. The project settings are the same as the source video according to MediaInfo.

    3. Custom settings, same size and other settings as the original file.

    FLV1 is the original codec.

    Project Properties Match Media option does not resolve the problem.

    I had to render to uncompressed format and then to compress with another program.
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    I found out that the problem happened with other programs too with ffdshow.
    I don't know why my previous post didn't show up here.

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