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Thread: which camera for indoors video?

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    Default which camera for indoors video?


    I am planning to make instructional dvds and videos. I am no big corporation person, I just want to make good videos at home, on a budget. Here's my questions:

    to shoot the best possible video INDOORS, what's best:
    1. the Kodak Zi8 , or:
    2: Canon Vixia HF200 ?
    Audio quality is not important to me,because I will record the audio with my pro audio
    computer setup,while I shoot the video. I will then synchronize the audio and the video with apps like Cubase.

    I am not sure if the Zi8 actually shoots better video than the Canon. Zoom is not strictly essential for now,I suppose. But a tripod probably is, as I plan to leave the camera on a spot and then shoot the video. I won't be able to operate the camera

    I am only looking for the best video quality at a budget. Looks etc aren't important. My budget is £ 180 to £ 400 max for a new camcorder. Thanks for the help.

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    I just bought a Canon Vixia HF200 (it's called a Legria where I live) and I am quite impressed with it. If you have been using standard defintion video up until recently you will notice a big difference in the level of detail recorded. It has a lot of controls over both picture quality, I have set it to MXP the highest at 24mbps and audio where you can see the audio level onscreen and there is the option of cranking the audio up or down. External mic and headphone sockets are supplied and the 15 x zoom is very good.

    You will definitely need a tripod as the camcorder is the same size as a tin of Coke and weighs the same. Just watch how you frame shots as I have noticed recently that what you see in the lcd screen (there is no electronic viewfinder) is not what is recorded through the lens. I haven't used that Kodak model so I can't comment on it. I see you are in £ land and you'll need a quad core computer to edit the video clips on plus a card reader that can take SDHC cards.

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    thank you for the help,very appreciated.

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    ok thank you. I could not find prices for the Samsung Capsule but I'll have a better look.
    I think I'll give it a try with the Kodak zi8 ,everybody says that it can make 'stunning video'.

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    I now have the ZI8 but I don't think I am using it's capabilities to the fullest....for one thing, the video,when played back on my computer,is good but not exceptional as some HD videos I have seen.
    I was almost reselling the ZI8 immediately to buy the Canon discussed earlier ( which frankly I would have bought already if I could,as it seems far better for more professional work). But for now I'd like to see if I can make the ZI8 work to a good standard.
    I have a dual-core system which isn't a slow computer,and an Hanns-G monitor which I think has fantastic picture quality,so my computer is not the issue. Do I need a video card that supports HDmi in order to play back 1080p videos on my computer?

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    SOrry but by the capsule do you mean the hmx r10?

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