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Thread: How To Trim Without Re-encoding

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    Default How To Trim Without Re-encoding

    Hi guys, here's my question (I speak french so It may be confusing)

    I just want to cut 1 or 2 hours at the end of my video and EVERYTIME I save the file on EVERY SOFTWARE, it ALWAYS saving it as a new file or "re-encoding" it or starting a loooooooooooong process ...

    is there a way to .... well ... a software or something else that I just trim and cut what I WANT and then after click on "save" and do not have this long process starting, like without changing the compression of the file???

    because it's a 4 hours video, i want to cut 2 hours at the end or slip it in 2 files and DO NOT WANT to wait 2 hours of just saving files .... (like just clik "save" and as we say it ----------> VOILĄ)


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    I use videoredo but after doing the cut "thing", when I save it, it's doing the same long process ... my file is mpeg 2 ....

    I clik "save as" and then leave it as "mpeg" but it's doing the long process again

    Did i miss something?

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    The thing to watch out for in this situation is to be sure of what the program is really doing.
    If you have a 4 hour file and cut two hours off then the software still has to create a two hour file of the remaining section. That will take time but not a loooong time!

    All NLE's do not touch the original file so no matter what you do a new file is going to be created.

    The trick is to save the new file not only as an MPEG as you mentioned in your post but as an MPEG with the EXACT same properties as the original.
    Same frame rate, bitrate, resolution... everything. If you do that then the software just copies the existing section of the file that you want as it is.

    If any part of the properties of the new file you have chosen differs in any way then the program will re-render the file with those new properties and this will take a long time!

    Use videoredo to find the exact properties of the original file and make sure they are matched in the properties of the output file then you can be sure that any time being taken to create the edited file is only the time your computer is taking to copy that part.

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