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    Ive been making amateur birthday movies for my friends. You know, the video with a picture slide show and clips of funny dancing filmed on a digital camera, all edited together on Windows Movie Maker.
    I know its simple stuff but I really have a great time making these movies and Im good at it too.
    So I want to take it a step further.

    I have a friend thats a DJ, so I want to make a video clip for one of his songs. I have an idea that would basically show a billboard with his picture on it, but he "comes alive" inside of it playing on his equipment. This billboard also rotates and sometimes other scenes like people dancing are also shown in it. Because his music is trance music, I also need the video to feature a lot of moving electronic waves, implement bright colored spirals and shapes in the video... etc..

    Except, I have no clue how to bring this idea to life. I dont know what software to use, Im not sure how to bring the "animations" of the billboard and spirals to life. Im experienced with professional music editing software and creation, but not so much with the video department.

    I would really appreciate any information that could help lead me to my goal

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    Hi Celebrate

    You had better study up on chromakey techniques first!! Essentially all you do is film him at his console in as close as possible to the billboard pose. Have a green background and also cover/move away the console so you end up with him performing with just a green backdrop. You can then key out the background and overlay the video onto the billboard so his still pic comes alive!

    You will need an NLE that will do chromakey but plenty exist!! I'm not to sure if WMM has that capability???

    Plenty of software can create electronic effects easily...just look around... FXHome has a bunch of great apps that will actually do both!!! Check out their website in the UK plus they have tutorials too and specialise in FX creation


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    I don't think you need to use chromakey. Just record the dj and the other scenes in a nightclub and bring them into a video editor. Then import a photograph of the billboard, put it on a lower layer/track and then put the video on the layer/track above it. Then using the distort tools, you can manipulate the shape of the video from a rectangle to the shape of the area of the billboard where you want to place the video. You could cover the entire inside area and put text and graphics on yet more layers/tracks above it. They could then be animated using keyframes. Download Adobe Premiere Elements 7 or Sony Vegas Platinum 9 from their respective websites for a 30 day trial. That should give you plenty of time to experiment with the clips.
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    thank you so much to the both of you!
    you've definitely given me a good lead.
    i really appreciate it and I'm going to start working on it and experimenting!

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    another question, assuming i want to create my own billboard, and not use a still photo of one, would that be done in animation software like photoshop or can it be done in a program like Premiere Elements?

    Also, what's the difference between Premiere Elements and Avid? Is the one for home-use and the other one for professionals? Should I start with Premiere Elements (even though I am somewhat familiar with Avid because of sound editing)?

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    i say use the program you feel comfortable with. If Avid is what you are familiar with, use that. I started out with the standard version of pinnacle studio 11, moved to studio 12 ultimate, which does chromakey. I suggest if you want a truly amazing video editing experience, try iMovie HD, which is for Mac.

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    Default Newbie too..

    Hi, I am relatively new to video as well, but coming from a still photography background rather than sound. (No, not because SLR's now have video capability!!)
    It seems that video editing has come on a long way since I last took an interest and what you are proposing is relatively easy in a program called 'After Effects' from adobe. It's not cheap, but amazingly versatile and available on a 30 day trial basis if it's a one off project.

    I'm probably a bit biased, due to a Photoshop background, but it has been relatively easy to get my head around, and there are some good tutorials on the web.
    With it, you can quite easily spin your billboard, be it a photo of a real one or an animated version, and have different clips on each side.

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    After Effects would be the best program to get as it will allow you lots of control over all the elements you want to add.

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