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    Ok so I finish making a video but I forgot to transfer it and save it to Itunes,I can't open the video no more,Is there a way of viewing my video???

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    What type of file is it? Avi, mov, swf, mpeg4? You should be able to get some conversion software that will allow you to convert it to a format that you can play in iTunes.

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    well it says type of file: vegas movie studio trial 9.0

    what type of conversion software do u recommend that will allow me to convert it to a format I can play in itunes

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    Can you open your project file . Would be a .veg file if using Pro and perhaps a .vf file if using Studio. If that opens and you can play your video in Vegas then you have to render it to some form that iTunes will recognize. Your Vegas file is not a video file. It is just a file that contains the instructions of what to do with the video. You need to render your video.

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    the trial ended already.I can't open sony vegas studio no more

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