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Thread: Music for our videos - I'm your man

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    I currently have over 100+ instrumental professional songs under my copyright. Take your vidoes to the next level and bring in some fantastic beats, hiphop to blues to jazz and everything else. Animation/web/ video/ private and public use. copyright will belong to me as the composer but you will be free to use the audio in reproduction. I have experience with all voice accupella songs that resemble short cartoon storyboard songs heard in PixAr like the preview story animations in Finding Nemo. I also do audio comentary. Spoken comedy and songs with sung lyrics. My instrumentals are brave and will most certianly suit your presentational movie endeavors. Come get some music!
    Colin M. McGee
    P.S. I work in a studio with top of the line equipment
    Public use and reproduction will be under contract. Please contact me for samples.
    $The more you make the more I make the more we make money wise$
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